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        I'm a native New Yorker, Mechanical Engineering graduate of the Cooper Union, and aspiring economist. Currently living in the UK and pursuing my PhD in Economics at the London Business School. I'm interested in econometric techniques, data analysis, machine learning, and policy.
        I like espresso, bicycle tours, road-trips, camping, BBQ, and sports (not sure whether to say soccer or football, but I like it). One day I'd like to create an analytics business with a good friend, and I'm fearful of writing one-off code. I code in Julia, Matlab, Python, Stata, and VBA.

Recent Work


FRBNY Nowcasting Model

Applying a state-space Dynamic Factor Model approach to US GDP at the New York Fed to produce the FRBNY Nowcast. The introductory blog post can be found here with further coverage here, here, and video here.


Oblongatae: Art Exhibitions

Creativity is involuntary – Sharing it isn't. You can share absolutely anything: Drawings, Painting, Printed Photos, Coding Projects, ... It's an art gallery, meets graphic design, meets the open mic, meets hackathon, bring anything you feel is creative!

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Open to discussions over email or coffee if you're in the neighborhood. Please reach out, I check email!

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